A digital asset marketing and venture studio for start-ups in the Web3 consumer space.

Web3 is not only a technology, but a new era of consumer engagement. Future brands will be built around the community and the cult around them, with ownership built in.

Asking in 2023 "will every consumer brand have a web3 strategy one day?" is like asking in 1994 "will every brand have a website one day?"

What's happening? The web is being rebuilt. Digital ownership and new immersive experiences mark a paradigm shift for consumer brands.

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What we love to do

Positioning & Reach

Position your product or technology with high quality thought leadership across emerging Web3 consumer verticals.

Market intelligence

Data points on venture capital, startups, patents, partnerships and the overall Web3 consumer space.

Strategy &  Advisory

Expert guidance on GTM, positioning, content, marketing & media campaigns.

Network & Venture building

We act as a venture studio, bringing together a network of partners, brands, start-ups, media, and investors in the Web3 consumer space.

We work with partners across all things Web3 – from digital worlds to NFTs, and beyond. Let's front-run the Web3 opportunity together.

who's behind fiftyone ventures?

Photo of Marc Baumann

Founded by Marc Baumann, a marketer, brand builder, crypto degenerate and web3 junky. He has been working professionally in the Web3 space for the last five years. From 2018 until end of 2022, he built and scaled the Bitcoin Suisse brand as Head Marketing, Communication & Public Affairs.

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